Rejoice! Vandy the Pink’s Skeleton Wallabees are coming back, but you’ll probably have to wait till next spooky season to flex them.

Vandy the Pink confirmed his beloved bones-baring Clarks Wallabee customs will return during Holiday 2023, potentially December at the latest. Christmas PJs with the spooky Vandy Wallys? Heavy Nightmare before Christmas vibes, but I’m digging it.

What will the latest drop have? Skeleton Wallabees by Vandy the Pink, of course. But it seems Vandy will offer up a fresh take: black Wallabees featuring cup soles and glow-in-the-dark skeleton feet (swipe the above post to see for yourself). They’re even spookier than last time.

Again, the next wave of Vandy the Pink skeleton Wallabees will release during the holiday season. And those who purchased the recent burger Wallabees through Vandy the Pink’s website will receive early access to the skeleton shoes. Christmas miracles are indeed real (even more if you successfully cop).

Right now, Vandy the Pink is hosting a giveaway on Instagram, offering fans a chance to score the sought-after custom Clarks shoes in one of six different flavors. The contest ends on Halloween, October 31, for those looking to get an entry in.

It’s unknown if these colorways will reappear for the holiday drop (they look to be one-offs). The main thing is that more Vandy the Pink skeleton Clarks are coming in during the most wonderful time of the year.

If we’ve learned anything from his last release, it’s that his Clarks are worth the wait.

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