Joaquin Phoenix probably has one of the most difficult names to spell, but he also has quite the storied acting career. He isn’t afraid to do anything and everything to get into the roles he’s cast in either, losing weight, gaining weight and exuding the strangest of behaviors–all in the name of cinematic art. No one can say that he doesn’t give it his all. He suffered the most devastating of losses with the death of his brother and yet he persevered. Let’s take a look at the quirky life of this fascinating actor.

1. Real Talk

Don’t ever expect to be posting a selfie with Phoenix–he simply won’t pose for it. He prefers conversations! He once thanked a fan for her bravery, since she was on her own and he was with a couple of friends. She approached him in a department store and after he declined her request for a photo, the two had a brief chat before she bought some socks while Phoenix opted for some “stupid little sweatpants”. Starsthey’re just like us.

joaquin phoenix

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