A man surrounded by a crowd of claymation figures, including anthropomorphic raisins and broccoli, a pig, and dinosaurs.

Claymation and its originator, Will Vinton, get the documentary treatment in the upcoming film Claydream.

In the trailer, we see a quick taste of Vinton’s impact. On top of revolutionizing animation in the ’80s and ’90s, he also created iconic characters such as the California Raisins and Domino’s The Noid. Vinton and his colleagues were tight-knit and excited about their work, but that enthralling environment crumbled over time.

Director Marq Evans uses interview footage of Vinton — known as the “Father of Claymation” — and his collaborators to explore the rise and fall of the Oscar-winning Will Vinton Studios. The trailer also features a variety of claymation footage, reminding us of the legacy Vinton crafted by hand.

Claydream comes to theaters on Aug. 5.

A film poster with the word "Claydream" spelled out in blue clay. A hand is holding a white clay mustache in place below the title.

The poster for “Claydream.”
Credit: Oscilloscope Laboratories


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