Oh, service workers, the things they would say if they weren’t afraid to lose their jobs. For whatever reason, some customers think that they can treat servers like worthless scum. And for the most part, they do, until they run into someone who isn’t afraid to clapback. So, to anyone who works in the service industry, enjoy reading about these heroes. And for anyone who acts like a jerk when they go out, smarten up or you’re next!

1. Leave the Jokes to the Professionals

An older woman at my table asked me what my mother must think about my tattoos and I said, “Well, my father doesn’t mind”. She didn’t take the hint—I guess it wasn’t a very good hint—and asked: “Well, what about your mother?” To which I replied, “She’s dead. She doesn’t do a lot of thinking”. I thought this woman couldn’t get any ruder, but I was so, so wrong. 

She said, “Did she die of SHAME?” I just said, “No, cancer,” and dropped the check. They weren’t done eating but her guests looked like they wanted to leave.


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