woman outside with coffee wearing gamma graphene infused jacket

TL;DR: As of Jan. 13, the Gamma Graphene-Infused Heated Jacket is on sale for $199.99 instead of the usual $575. That’s a 65% discount in time for the next cold snap.

Current forecasts are predicting a wet and warm winter in the US. That means you may want to prepare for the snow, but you could also have to dress for more mild temperatures when the storms aren’t rolling through. The Gamma Graphene-Infused Heated Jacket has its own heating system to help keep you toasty in the snow, and it’s made from a light material for less intense weather. Usually, this heated jacket costs $575, but you can get it for $199.99 while it’s 65% off. 

An affordable self-heating jacket 

Sleek and stylish, this jacket may look cool, but it should keep you nice and warm this winter. Plug in the included HETA power bank and flip through three adjustable settings that control the double-sided heating. Check the smart temperature display to see how hot your jacket is getting and how much power it has left. 

With a full battery, Gamma could provide up to eight hours of heating. If your hands get cold, the power bank doubles as a hand warmer. If your phone battery gets low, you can just plug it into the battery pack with a USB-C cable. Each Gamma Jacket has a unisex cut, but you can also pull out the adjustable hem and built-in fingerless gloves to customize your look. 

The electric heating system is exciting, but it’s not the only thing this jacket has going for it. The breathable material helps wick moisture from your skin, and graphene is naturally hypoallergenic. If you’re out in the snow, things are bound to get a little messy. There’s no special procedure for washing this electric jacket. Just take out the power bank and throw it in the washing machine. 

A winter jacket you can wear in summer 

Dress for whatever weather winter throws at you. For a limited time, get the Gamma Graphene-Infused Heated Jacket on sale for $199.99 (reg. $575). 

Prices subject to change.