Breaking up is hard to do—and even harder when the ex doesn’t want to let go. These Redditors shared tales of exes who are vengeful, delusional, and just plain mean. Read on if you dare; these stories might just make you feel like it’s better to be single.

1. An Alarming Revenge

A buddy of mine was living in America at the time while his fiancée of a few years was back in England. When he went back to visit, he was in for a rude awakening. He found that she was sleeping with his best friend and had basically kicked him out of their house.

To get revenge, he bought 100 alarm clocks that he could set the day as well as the hour and minutes. When he went to collect his things one afternoon, while the ex was away, he hid them all over the house. And by all over the house, I mean in the vents, in the insulation of the attic right above her bedroom, everywhere!

The kicker? He set most of them to go off on big days in their lives like their anniversary and birthdays.


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