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That Shayne Oliver has only just now collaborated with UGG on a pair of Classic Boots feels odd. Oliver has riffed on so many other archetypical shoes, what took him so long to explore the world of UGG, especially as a longtime UGG enjoyer?

A packed dance card is the most likely culprit. In between running the recently revived Hood By Air and his multifaceted Anonymous Club project, Oliver is an in-demand consultant and creative director, flitting about from project to project as his schedule allows.

But, also, Oliver is quite patient. The designer is only willing to reveal his creations to the public when the occasion is perfect and the finished goods flawless, hence why Hood By Air (or HBA, as its fans prefer) and Anonymous Club only rarely drop new goods to the public.

Either way, Shayne Oliver’s collaborative UGG Classic Boots feel like a long time coming, especially to Oliver, who has long considered the UGG Classic Boot a “genderless artifact of disruption.”

“I’ve been a fan and have worn UGG boots since I was in middle school,” Oliver told Highsnobiety. “I’m really into the idea of extreme comfort without sacrificing style.”

So, to finally have a say on the design of the timeless UGG Classic Boot is to tangibly bring Oliver’s past into the present.

“During my creative process, I wanted to think about a design that literally felt protective and functional,” continued Oliver, which translates the cozy nostalgia of childhood into shoes directly inspired by the armored footwear worn by medieval knights.

Shayne Oliver’s mid-top UGG Sabatons ($300) and high-top UGG Greaves ($450) look tough and soft at the same time, their plush leather exteriors girded by removable “armor” pieces that slim down or bulk up the boots as the wearer wishes.

“I was really thinking about the function of streetwear and versatility of day-to-day wear,” said Oliver. “I wanted to add a more formal element in the materials to give the shoes a sense of duality.”

Talk about formality: Oliver’s UGG boots are dressed like a knight for battle.

Suit up for cozy season on UGG’s website, select stores, and stockists like Highsnobiety.

Shayne Oliver is only the latest member of UGG’s collective of killer collaborators, following White Mountaineering, Telfar, and Denim Tears.

Considering that many folks who collaborate with UGG come back for a second helping (or two) and Oliver’s own UGG obsession, this may be the start of a beautiful friendship. Who’s to say that HBA UGG isn’t in our future?