eddings are meant to be the happiest day of a couple’s life—warm memories, good food, and embarrassing speeches. But what happens when the person snapping the photos or serving the cake witnesses a ceremony gone wrong? Say “I do” and read about the hilarious scenes witnessed by these wedding workers creating the marital magic.

1. A Year To Remember

I did a year and a bit as a photographer/videographer. My worst memory was witnessing a bridezilla lose her temper at her poor florist setting up the table centerpieces. Apparently, the petals were a shade off from the napkin colors. This poor florist finished setting up in tears and ran out; I later heard the bride refused to pay her.

When I met the groom I couldn’t help but feel bad for him. No clue what happened there but I’m guessing they lasted six months tops. By contrast, at the first wedding I ever shot, the couple was so sweet with each other and with everyone working. My boss said they recently celebrated four years together.


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