A sudden bang in the boiler room. A hospital patient gone wild. A run-in with a wanted fugitive. Sometimes, the craziest things happen at work. Whether the following people love their jobs or not, they can at least say there was never a dull moment. Here are some of the worst moments that have happened on the job.

1. A Pianist’s Panic

I’m a jazz and classical pianist. One time, while playing at a pretty high-end cocktail bar, I noticed an older man collapse at his table out of the corner of my eye. He was sitting alone, and either very few people noticed, or no one cared. Either way, nobody made a scene. I ended up speaking into the mic: “Do we have a doctor on the floor?”

One woman came up thinking something was wrong with me, so I promptly pointed her to the other section where the man was sitting. At that point, the staff was gathering around. Later on, we found out the scary truth about his predicament—he had a heart attack, but he was okay. It’s crazy to me that he was in a crowded venue and no other patrons cared enough or paid enough attention to get him some help.


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