When you have a crush, you imagine them in the best light possible. To us, they are nothing less than perfect angels who can do no wrong. Well, unfortunately, our crushes always turn out to be just regular people—and people can be the worst. From being arrogant and self-obsessed to just playing with people’s feelings, these people share the reasons their crushes haven’t always been well-founded.

1. Satisfied Customer

I worked pizza delivery in high school, so to this day, I take care of food service workers. I always tip, and delivery always gets twenty percent. So one day, my crush is over, and we order a pizza. Soon, I get a knock at the door. This delivery kid was just barely 16 years old. Since I was barely 20 at the time, I could totally relate. I’d been delivering pizzas myself just a couple years earlier.

Then my crush did something that made me lose interest in an instant. She didn’t tip him. 0%. Even worse, I gave her the cash along with the tip while I was finishing up some cleaning, but she just pocketed the tip and said, “He didn’t deserve it.” He got the tip after I chased him down and apologized. She got the boot before eating pizza and wings. First and last date in under thirty minutes, thanks Dominos!


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