“When I’m designing, I’m always thinking about (if) this is pushing things forward? Is this unique? Is this something that is trendsetting?”

In his own words, celebrity and pop-superstar Justin Bieber has expressed how collaborating with a brand that he has always loved is the defining factor regarding what he constitutes to be a successful joint venture. There is no denying that Bieber has been a long-time fan, going on to say that he remembers seeing a Vespa for the first time and thinking, “I want to ride one of those. It allows you to have this freedom.”

Not one to be held back from his desire to create things that he believes will inspire and seemingly limitless in his ambitions, the Drew House designer who moonlights as a musician has recently turned his hand towards industrial design. In this case, working on a collaboration with Vespa to produce three limited series models.

The Vespas in question are genuinely easy on the eyes. Decked out in a clean off-white with side flame details and “Justin Bieber” printed tastefully on the side, the design would be a worthwhile investment for a fan of the singer or anyone who is looking to spend (only a little more) on a classy way to get around town.

While the ride may not have undergone the West Coast Customs treatment, the subtle details, as well as its accessories, give Bieber’s Vespa a very unique and definitive taste. To be honest, we’re here for it.

As far as Vespas go Bieber’s collab isn’t as harsh on the wallet as one would expect. Considering the celebrity endorsement as well as the considerable gadgetry that has been invested into the model – a full-color digital display that syncs with smartphones to play music (Ghost on repeat?) and tonal controls for the LEDs – at £4000 for the entry-level, it’s modest, and we like it.

Love yourself this summer and get onto Vespa’s Collaboration with Justin Bieber while you still can.