Whether it be the Fendi Baguette, Luar’s Ana bag, or Jacquemus’ miniature Le Chiquito bag, designer bags are still one of cornerstones of contemporary fashion.

Designers can keep entire fashion houses afloat by being able to design a desirable bag and will continuously try to do so, but one thing has shaken up the luggage industry in the past few years: handbags and purses that were once considered an exclusively female affair, are now openly enjoyed by all genders.

A trend shift we could feel was in the water four years ago, there’s now no doubt of the genderless appeal of designer leather bags.

Changing the narrative is a number of celebrity dressers with considerable sartorial prowess: there’s A$AP Rocky who rapped “no this ain’t a purse, it’s a satchel” while exhibiting his monogrammed Dior Bag for the song Potato Salad, then there’s Tyler, The Creator whose love of luggage stretches far beyond handbags, or Harry Styles who recently upped the popularity of JW Anderson’s Bumper Bag.

But the leader of the man’s handbag movement at the moment is undoubtedly Jacob Elordi, whose choice of accessories has garnered considerable attention recently.

Elordi stepped out wearing a relatively simple ensemble comprised of a green sweatshirt, sports shorts, and a beanie last month and managed to go viral thanks to the Euphoria actor’s Bottega Veneta Andiamo bag which was perched in the crook of his arm to allow for two precariously balanced drinks in his hand.

The latest in a number of bag-related style moments for the 25-year-old, names like Burberry, Fendi, and Celine can also be found in Elordi’s bag collection. And every time he steps out wearing a new one, he proves how much of the heavy lifting a bag can do in an outfit.

What could have been seen as a fad when we first started noticing the trend has proven that it’s here to stay, and the days when an entire episode of Friends can be centered around laughing at a man bag are long gone.

In fact, if you head over to resale sites like StockX you will no longer be confronted with just pages of hyped Nike Air Jordan releases, but also luxury handbags with sales reportedly split evenly between men and women on the platform.

With the popularity of handbags growing exponentially, we’ve scoured the internet to find our favorites to wear this spring and summer — from luxury mainstays to the new kids on the block.

Diesel’s newfound relevance has meant you’ve probably seen its D-shaped logo more than ever, especially on its bags. From the minute we first saw the brand’s bags we knew we were about to see them everywhere.

Decked all in a glossy all-white finish and embossed with a tonal Acne Studios logo, this tiny tote bag encapsulates Acne Studios creative director Jonny Johansson’s motto of “minimalist maximalism.”

KidSuper’s signature portraits can now be worn on bags as well as clothing, with the two figures joining together and kissing when the bag is closed.

Lemaire’s croissant-shaped bags have become a favorite in our offices, so much so that we previously made our own versions. This one ditches the typical leather construction for water-resistant nylon and lace-up closures.

For people who perpetually lose their wallet, Glenn Martens has a solution in the form of this wallet complete with a leather strap for easy transportation.

Tyler, The Creator’s one of the men that’s pushing for the genderless appeal of handbags, so it’s only natural for his own label to create its own designs.

Marni’s two-tone bag selection has become a staple of the brand and this season its handbags come complete with a yellow finish. Arriving with a detachable and adjustable nylon strap, this compact bag has just enough space for everyday essentials.

As is the case with practically everything Jacquemus makes, this bag looks like it’s been made specifically for a beach day.

Trying to find any Telfar bag at retail is pretty much impossible, and it’s even more tricky if you’re on the hunt for this round version in white. The resell prices on this version have hit huge numbers but you only need to look at this bag to see why.

MSCHF is up to its usual antics with the Made in Italy bag, as this is in fact made in Italy, Texas.

Traditional camera bags often make for the best-looking crossbody bags, which is why Lemaire created this handmade design.

While many of the handbags in this post only have space for the essentials, ADER Error’s design has space for everything you could need to carry — and comes with a Y2K-inspired look.

Inspired by its founder’s Nigerian heritage, lu.by.lu’s range of beaded bags are never lacking in color. This one comes with a green and white design made to resemble a tennis ball.

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