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TL;DR: As of July 10, you can get a PlayStation Plus Essential: 12-Month Subscription for just $55 instead of $59.99 — that’s a discount of 8%.

Whether you’re trying to get the most out of your PS4 or are reveling in being one of the few with a PS5, an easy way to add more depth and variety to your gaming is with online play. PlayStation Plus may have changed recently, but for many gamers, that only meant it got better. If you want to play games online and access a bunch of other exciting content, check out this PlayStation Plus Essential: 12-Month Subscription on sale for $55 (Reg. $59.99) during our Deal Days sale, now through July 14. 

If you’ve had a PS Plus subscription before, the Essential subscription only has a few changes. You still get free games every month from a collection of PS4 titles. PS5 titles are added regularly as well, but they are only available for next-gen console gamers. Along with monthly games, you also get exclusive content like special character and item skins, cosmetics, free-to-play games, and content exclusive to PS Plus members. These deals cover things like game discounts, DLC, pre-orders, and more if you have the PS5. 

Of course, you can play compatible games online. Play with friends, and total strangers, and enjoy each game’s active global community. PS4 gamers can save up to 100GB of game data, with a max of 1000 unique save files. PS5 gamers get 100GB of PS5 game data on the cloud and can pick up where you left off from console to console. 

New additions to this subscription include the PlayStation Plus Collection and Game Help. The PlayStation Plus Collection is a set of 20 popular PS4 titles that are instantly available for PS5 gamers and available at a steep discount for PS4 consoles. The final new add-on is Game Help. Get spoiler-free hints for supported PS5 games rather than consulting a guide. 

Now through July 14, you can get an exclusive deal on a PlayStation Plus Essential: 12-Month Subscription on sale for only $55 (Reg. $59.99).

Prices subject to change. 


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