Whenever District Vision drops a collaboration, the result always impresses.

From its footwear link-ups with Salomon and New Balance, to capsule collections with the likes of Tracksmith and Suicoke, the LA-based eyewear label certainly knows its way around a collaboration.

For its latest partnership DV is teaming up with Suunto to deliver a series of technical product launches, the first of which is set to land later this month, with a follow-up due in Spring 2024.


Suunto, the Finnish activewear label founded in 1936, has become renowned for its technical outdoor compasses and high-precision sport watches.

The brand is also credited for a unique method of filling and sealing a lightweight compass housing made entirely of celluloid and filled with liquid to dampen the needle and to protect it from shock and wear due to excessive motion.

In short: what Suunto doesn’t know about compases isn’t worth knowing, which is why, in tandem with DV, they’re dropping a Cordura eyewear pouch and shoe bag, each of which comes with a Suunto micro compass.

Constructed from durable woven Cordura fabric with a technical zipper, the bags are extremely lightweight, durable, and a breathable vessel for shuttling gear to and from track workouts and trail run adventures, allowing garments, shoes, your Suunto watch and meditation tools a chance to breathe when in transit.

Knitted in Kyoto, Japan, the 540g mesh is weaved using a traditional Japanese knitting technique that slows the machine down to create a highly abrasion resistant mesh.


Sure, District Vision x Suunto might not be your average collaboration (more commonly known as a logo project nowadays), but it’s certainly something a little different — which is what a collaboration should be, right?