'The Callisto Protocol' screenshot

Save $14: As of Jan. 13, Xbox Live Gold members can snag ‘The Callisto Protocol’ for just $55.99, or 20% off.

When Dead Space was released back in 2008, it was immediately met with admiration and critical acclaim from fans of the horror genre and is now regarded as a certified classic across the entire gaming landscape. If you consider yourself one of those fans, 2022’s The Callisto Protocol is pretty much a must-play for you — it’s a spiritual successor to the Dead Space series, and was even created by members of the original studio that made the Dead Space games.

Right now, The Callisto Protocol is on sale for the first time since its release — for a limited time, Xbox Live Gold members can shave $14 off the original price at the Xbox Store and pay just $55.99 for one of 2022’s biggest launches.

In The Callisto Protocol, players will be dropped into a sci-fi horror story that’s meant to keep you on your toes and potentially gross you out with plenty of alien gore. You’ll assume the role of Jacob Lee, a cargo pilot that finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, trapped in a space prison that’s overrun by extraterrestrials that want to… well, you know, the thing that all evil creatures do. You’ll have to fight your way through various sections of Black Iron Prison, warding off creepy-crawlies with an arsenal of futuristic weaponry and trying to conserve as many resources as you can. Will you escape?

Pick up The Callisto Protocol at the Xbox Store and save $14, provided you’re an Xbox Live Gold member (or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber).