A young woman lies sprawled in the snow.

The thrilling Yellowjackets is almost back, bringing with it more antler queen theories, haunting secrets, and, of course, cannibalism.

The teaser for Season 2 doesn’t give us many concrete details as to what’s coming next, but what little information we do get is disturbing. Our soccer star survivalists have to survive their first winter in the wilderness — a challenge that can only bring extreme cold, sickness, and hunger. Oh, and did I mention the team isn’t alone out there? Something — or someone — is watching.

Flash-forward to the present, where the surviving Yellowjackets are still dealing with heaps of trauma. Who can they trust? Will any outsiders discover their secret? And did they really bring darkness back with them? We’ll just have to wait until March to find out.

Yellowjackets Season 2 begins streaming March 24 on Showtime.