We love a good uncompromising tough guy. And it’s always fun to see how people can show their boldness amidst provocation. These Redditors shared stories of impressive tenacity, and they’re absolutely unforgettable.

1. He Had No Choice

I was out drinking with some friends. We walked out of a bad greasy spoon at 3 am and ran into some guys walking into the restaurant, also inebriated. I was the last in my group, and I accidentally rubbed shoulders with the first guy in that group.

Immediately, he starts trash-talking, but I just ignore him and keep walking to the parking lot. I’m about halfway to my car when he says something that particularly offends me because it was targeted at one of the girls with us.

I turn around, and seconds later, we’re in the middle of a blank spot in the parking lot with our friends off to the sides. Eye to eye, he finally realizes that I’m a pretty big guy. We have a tense silence for a few seconds, then, under my breath, I said something that made him freeze in terror.

“You’re going to say, ‘screw this guy, he ain’t worth it,’ you’re going to turn around, walk away and rejoin your friends. And you’re going to do that because if you don’t, you won’t need to eat because I’m going to feed you your shoes”.

About five seconds passed before he said, “screw this guy, he ain’t worth it”, and rejoined his friends.


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