No longer stuck in the confines of the bathroom where they served a purely functional purpose, mirrors now play a huge role in our homes.  Adding to the aesthetic and feel of our homes, you might find one in almost every room of a home nowadays.

But how do you go about finding the right mirror for your home?  Finding a mirror that is practical, functional and looks great might seem a little overwhelming, but let us help you – we’ve put together some tips on the things we think about when searching for our next mirror.

Why are you looking for a mirror?

First things first – Why are you looking for a new mirror?  Are you replacing an outdated or impractical one?  Is there a room that could do with a zhuzh up?  Are you possibly renovating your home?  Have you just moved in and it’s time for the fun part of decorating? Or do you just want a new mirror?

Whatever the reason, it’s good to nail this down first – it will usually give you some direction on the features that may be important for that purpose or space.

Where do you plan on putting your mirror in your home?

You may have a room in mind that you want to place your mirror in, or perhaps you’ve found the mirror already and you’re looking for a way to use it.  The great news is, there really isn’t a room in your home that won’t have its charm increased by the addition of a mirror. Let us tell you a few of our favourite places for a mirror in our home, and why.

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First stop is the bedroom.  In this space a mirror will usually serve double duty by being practical and an element of décor.  Mirrors have an excellent way of capturing light and extending it, and while we may want our bedrooms to be on the darker side at nighttime, during the day, with the curtain open, and the light hitting the mirror, our bedrooms can be brightened up and have some life added to them.  The way a mirror captures the natural light, it also has the ability to make a space feel lighter and roomier, which for some bedrooms, is definitely needed.

If you are looking for a mirror to enhance this space but also be practical, we recommend going for a full-length mirror, one that you can use to check your outfit while you’re getting ready. And the great news with a full-length mirror is that they don’t need to take up too much space, with options to hand them on the back of your bedroom or wardrobe door.

If you do have the space, you could opt for a Hollywood style vanity mirror, think the kind with the light bulbs around the edges, these can be great for not only practical purposes, but they are a true statement piece.

Living Room:

This might be our favourite room to add a mirror to.  That’s because not only will it serve a practical use, but it can be a simple way to decorate.  On the practical side of things, a mirror in this space can accentuate the natural light you might have in this space, and create the appearance of a more spacious area. It can also serve the practical purpose of being a mirror you can use to check your reflection (a good option if you live in a smaller home).

A mirror in the living room can also take on the role of artwork.  Often paintings and prints can be expensive, and ultimately difficult to find one you truly love, but a mirror can make a house feel like a home, and act as the focal point of a room.

Dining Room:

You may not have thought about putting a mirror in the dining room, but this is a space that can definitely be enhanced by an addition of the right mirror in the right place.  Dining rooms are the place where we come together for meals, and there is almost always an overwhelming feeling of positivity and happiness in this space, after all, we’re about to be fed. A mirror can capture this feeling and make a room feel more homely. 

In addition to making the room feel homely, the mirror can also add that same light and spacious feel it does in other spaces by capturing the light!

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A mirror in this space is a little more obvious than any other room, but we thought we should mention it, because besides being functional for grooming purposes, a mirror in this room can serve many purposes. 

Like the other rooms we’ve mentioned, a mirror here can enhance the space of a room by capturing natural light, and make a room feel brighter, and if there is any room we need to be bright, it is a bathroom. 

Bathroom mirrors have probably seen some of the greatest advances in mirror technology – for example, besides capturing like in it’s reflective surface, your bathroom mirror could be the only source of light in your bathroom with the options of front-lit and backlit mirrors, where the lighting is built into them.  These mirrors make great options for the bathroom because though it is the room we need the light arguably the most, it probably suffers from a lack of it the most.  The bathroom also happens to the room that is usually lacking in space, so with a mirror serving as a mirror and the light source, you can save on space there.

And if that wasn’t enough, there are bathroom mirror options with built in storage, this can be in the form of a cabinet, where the mirror is the door, or mirrors with ledges attached to the front.  We all know the lack of storage in a bathroom is at the centre of most arguments, so this is a true bonus.  

If this is the space you’re looking for a new mirror, then click here for Luxe Mirrors guide to choosing the perfect bathroom mirror.


Ok, we lied, the entryway might be our favourite place to hang a mirror.  That’s because it can truly serve so many purposes in this space.  Forget working double duty, a mirror here will be working overtime! 

When you’re on your way out the door, a mirror here can give you the chance to have one last look over your outfit, and appearance, and give you that reassurance that you’re ready to take on the day.

For someone on their way in, a mirror in this space can be welcoming.  Remember that homely feeling we mentioned above?  The right mirror, one that matches who you are and captures your aesthetic can welcome someone into your home from the moment they walk in the door, because who you are has been extended all the way to the front door.

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Things to look for when choosing a mirror

Ok, so we know the places a mirror can go, and what they can do to a space, but how do we go about picking out a mirror?  We’ll give you a rundown of 6 of the most important things we think about:

  1. Design and aesthetic – The options are almost endless when it comes to mirrors.  With framed and frameless options, as well as the variety of materials that can be used to make a mirror with, no matter your style, you will find something that works.  We always try to think about what our own aesthetic is, as well as if there is a vibe we are going for in a particular room, or in the overall feel of our home.  Whether you want opulence that would welcome a royal, or the easy going feel of a beach house, you will be able to find a mirror to suit.
  2. Purpose – we mentioned purpose earlier, but it really is important to have an idea of how you plan to use your mirror.  If it is as a design element, that might allow you to be more experimental. However if you need it to be functional in more than just an aesthetic way, then you will need to think about other factors, including exactly how it is going to be used, who will be using it etc.  
  3. The shape – Mirrors can be any shape or size.  And while that may not make the decision any easier, the best way to take these two elements into consideration is to think about the overall feel you’re going for.  Are you wanting something a little more traditional and practical? Such as a rectangular or square mirror. Or are you wanting it to be the focal point of the room? This is where a round mirror works well.  Or are you really wanting to up the ante and try something a little more out there, like a hexagonal or oval shaped mirror?  Think about how you will be using the mirror to head in the right direction. 
  4. The Size – Remember to work with the space that you have and be realistic.  Oversized mirrors can take centre stage in any space, but if it is going to encroach on your space too much, then it can be fiercely impractical.  The same goes for mirrors that are too small.  While it might fit easily into a given a space, a mirror that is too small may not only be impractical to use, but can also distort the appearance of a room and make it feel a little unbalanced.
  5. Technology – Like we mentioned earlier, there have been a lot of advances in the mirror world. The future is here with smart mirrors with built in screens, mirrors with lighting built in, and mirrors that have demister pads fitted to ensure they don’t fog up when in use.  All of these have been designed to make our lives easier! 
  6. Practice – Before making the big commitment to a mirror, take your time and practice.  It might be the first time you’re putting a mirror in that space, or you may be changing the one that currently sits there.  If you are adding a mirror to a space, try putting one you already have in that space to see if it is reflecting anything you hadn’t noticed before, or whether it feels right there.  If you are just changing things up, consider cutting out some paper to be the shape and size of a mirror you’re considering, it might give you an idea of how something that size feels in that space.  Practice definitely makes purpose in this space.

While finding a mirror that is right for your home can seem a little overwhelming, we guarantee if you break it down (the process, not the mirror), into the bite size pieces we’ve mentioned above, it will make the task a lot easier at hand. And if you’re looking for more help, or the right place to start in finding your new mirror, then check out Luxe Mirrors.  At Luxe Mirrors we understand your mirror needs to feel like you, and we can help you find the right mirror for your home today! 

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