The classic style of vintage bathroom decor from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s is making a huge comeback, and no wonder — it’s timeless! Traditional vintage furniture, pedestal sinks, and other vintage bathroom decors can produce an authentic period appearance that perfectly fits your modern home. So if you’re renovating your bathroom or planning to redecorate this space completely, here are the top 20 vintage bathroom ideas that will turn your house into a piece of art itself!

20 Vintage Bathroom Ideas

We have scoured the internet for vintage-inspired ideas to give you the inspiration you need to transform your tired bathroom into a chic, stylish, retro bathroom that all will admire. We have all the elements for creating the perfect vintage relaxation space, from the elegance of a clawfoot tub to a simple vintage mirror.

1. Use A Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sink and cabinet

Chances are, your sink is going to be a pedestal sink; that’s what everyone uses these days. It’s simple, minimalistic and requires just enough hardware, so it looks sophisticated but isn’t taking up too much visual space. Porcelain pedestal sinks often come in one piece or can include integrated storage options like a small cabinet on the wall underneath. In addition, there are plenty of clean, vintage-style faucets to pair with your pedestal sink. One popular option for vintage style is polished copper faucets—they provide an antique feel without being tacky. Copper faucets can range from high-end alloys to natural finish, so there’s no shortage of styles!

2. Vanity Mirror Lights And Sconces

Beautiful vanity with granite sink and gold faucet in master bath

The placement of vanity mirror lights and sconces should be a design consideration for vintage bathroom designs. If you are looking for a classic and elegant design, lighting can help. For example, hanging lights over a simple single sink vanity are ideal for adding light without being too bright or ornate. Sconces on walls or next to your mirror are also valuable additions because they help create separation between fixtures while adding lovely architectural details to vintage bathrooms that need visual interest. In terms of color, adding vintage style sconces can give new life to an older home by blending in well with existing styles and decorations.

3. Vintage-Style Floating Shelves

Floating wooden basin countertops with white ceramic sink and golden tap

If you’re searching for a vintage design for your bathroom, look no further than floating shelves. Instead of going with standard cabinetry or shelves built directly into your wall, using a set of floating shelves to create a space that appears to float above your bathroom cabinets can instantly create an elegant and vintage feel. All you have to do is hang a shelf high enough that it looks like it’s floating. For even more vintage appeal, go for a polished wood finish.

4. Claw Foot Tub and Pedestal Sinks

Victorian style white ceramic, freestanding, curved roll top bath with metal claw feet

Give your vintage bathroom a little more oomph by incorporating claw foot bathtubs, and pedestal sinks. These fixtures harken back to an earlier era, providing a sophisticated look for your modern space. This black clawfoot bathtub creates the perfect vintage aesthetic and is center stage in this bathroom. Be sure to check with local building codes before installing these pieces. Clawfoot tubs are incredibly bulky, and some may not have adequate water pressure for use with a pedestal sink.

5. Shabby Chic

Contemporary domestic bathroom mixing modern with shabby chic

This look is best characterized by a distressed or distressed appearance and is particularly popular with furniture from thrift stores. Incorporatinshabby chic pieces means putting together a space that feels lived in without creating something that looks thrown together. In bathrooms, it’s essential to keep things looking new and polished, but a Victorian-style bathroom does have some charm when they get a little worn down in places.

6. Light Wood Floors

Bathroom with two sinks and bathtub on hardwood floor and niche with shelves on background

An appropriate look for a vintage bathroom might be whitewashed or lightly-colored walls that exude a warm vintage ambiance. Countertops, cabinetry, and flooring should all have a lighter, less modern and dramatic appearance. If you’re trying to create your vintage aesthetic for your home’s bath, adding light wood floors is an easy way to get started!

7. Embossed Metal Fixtures

Brass embossed faucet

You’ll find metal fixtures in many vintage bathrooms with an embossed finish. It’s a quick and easy way to add a bit of texture and character to any space. This finishing touch can be applied to everything from shower curtain rails to towel racks—there’s no limit. Just remember: These techniques are not only suitable for old fixtures; they work just as well on new ones too! So, for example, if your bathroom is missing that vintage feel, consider giving your sink faucet or toilet handle a little texture by using an embossing tool. It will instantly give your space some extra flair without much effort.

8. Vintage Style Round Wall Mirrors

Ornate round mirror

If you want to bring more light into your bathroom, round wall mirrors are a great way to do so. These mirrors will reflect plenty of light and give you a more open feeling in your space. Mirrors also make small bathrooms appear larger because they help visually expand an area. Placing your mirror near a window or adding shelves underneath it will make it stand out and create a focal point in your room. In addition, these options can add vintage style to any room with ease!

9. Tiles On The Walls And Ceilings

Vintage tiles under vintage bathtub

Tiles are a great, cost-effective way to add personality to a bathroom without breaking your budget. In recent years, they’ve also become increasingly popular as wall and ceiling finish. Whereas most people are familiar with ceramic or porcelain tiles in bathrooms (the traditional material), newer products on the market allow you to achieve that vintage bathroom design using materials such as glass tiles and waterproof resin panels. If you want to go with tile as your primary decorative element but don’t want it on every surface of your vintage bathroom, think about placing them only on walls and ceilings instead of adding them around tubs and showers.

10. Retro Laundry Baskets as Towel Storage

Basket with bathroom accessories. A set of rolled and folded towels.

Vintage laundry baskets are often used as storage solutions for other essentials to create a retro bathroom style. Consider hanging up or having a couple of these as towel storage to get more use out of them. You could even hang a basket on either side of your sink or right above your tub. A single one makes an excellent place to display some fun and decorative soaps—or use it to store some rolls of toilet paper or extra towels while guests are in town.

11. Use Floral Prints In Your Vintage Bathroom

Interior of 1970's style master bathroom. Vintage floral wall paper design

Why not use floral prints in bathrooms? Floral prints can give a charming, natural touch perfect for the vintage retro vibes we are looking to create. Floral prints are also very versatile and can be used to complement many different color schemes, including black and white. Floral designs can add variety while maintaining an overall classic look. There are two main ways to use floral patterns in your vintage bathroom: on curtains or your walls. Add some floral curtains to your window or a shower curtain! Choose whether you want your flowers as part of a pattern or if you want them solid with just one flower.

12. Create A Vintage Style With Rough Plaster Wall Texture

Bathroom interior with self-standing bathtub and decoration on hardwood floor. Empty white textured plaster wall

What kind of wall treatments do you have in your bathroom. Consider distressing them for a chic vintage look if you have any smooth, sleek finishes. Take an old potato and try rubbing it on your wall in different directions. Alternatively, you could also use sandpaper or wood-grain filler to give some variation in texture. Just be sure to avoid using anything too abrasive. Even if they’re well-decorated, don’t neglect to maintain the dated character of vintage bathrooms; after all, they should look dated chic.

13. Antique Toilet Bowls and Fixtures

Vintage toilet with pull handle flush

One popular way to give your vintage bathroom a retro feel is by converting antique toilet bowls and fixtures into artistic pieces. It’s incredible how many old toilets you can find in secondhand stores—most people buy new, so they end up in landfills. It might take a little elbow grease and hard work, and it’ll be like you’ve got a brand-new porcelain throne! Even if you don’t want to invest in having one professionally refinished, you can still give yours some style with vintage wallpaper or paint; it’s worth giving it a shot. You’ll save money and produce something unique for your home that few other people will have! Plus, it just looks cool. Who doesn’t love going out of their way to stand out?

14. Black And White Theme

 clean, simple bathroom with a checked pattern tiled floor

Black and white have always been classic themes in interior design. The combination is classic, chic, and sophisticated. Black and white go well with vintage décor—think chandeliers, clawfoot tubs, ornate mirrors—making it a natural fit for a vintage bathroom. Decorate your black-and-white bath with some colorful accents: you can use color in features and fittings or even paint parts of your bathroom a contrasting color. If you’re looking to revamp your entire space, consider replacing cabinets and appliances to give your bathroom a fresh look.

15. Add A Vintage Vanity

Double bowl bathroom sink vanity in wood

Give your vintage bathroom an interior designer boost by adding a vintage vanity and dresser to your powder room. These antique pieces can be more affordable than their new counterparts, adding style and sophistication to your space for less. A vintage-style dresser can store towels, extra toiletries and more; it also doubles as an attractive piece of furniture. The upper drawers of a vintage vanity serve as storage options for makeup, jewelry or even shoes. If you don’t already have one on hand, consider picking one at an antique market or thrift shop.

16. Vintage Inspired Accessories

body brush, cotton pads and swabs, toothbrush, hair comb, soap and serum

If you’re looking to update your bathroom, accessories are a great place to start. Vintage-inspired decorating has come back, and there are lots of vintage ideas you can produce by adding fittings and features. While vintage accessories can often feel dated, there are ways to incorporate vintage design into modern-day home interiors. It can be as simple as swapping out the hardware on a cabinet or replacing an ugly faucet with something that gives you that old-timey feel.

17. Vintage Bathroom Rugs

Handmade jute rug on the bathroom floor

You can add retro vibes to your bathroom with the simple addition of rugs. While you might be tempted to use whatever is on sale, you’ll want to consider several things. First, there are many great places to find vintage bathroom rugs, including flea markets and yard sales. You can also find some stunning, high-quality rugs online if you search. They’re a bit more expensive than regular ones, but they give you that classic vintage feels to your retro bathroom.

18. Wood Panelling

Bathtub ancient bath, front view with clear paneling and wooden shelf

Vintage bathroom wall coverings include inlaid woods such as oak, mahogany and cherry. Antique wooden planks are perfect for bathrooms since they’re harder to damage than softer woods like pine. Plus, they add a touch of class to any space. Try to find salvage stores and antique shops in your area if you’re after something unique. Alternatively, choose reclaimed wood or buy new panels. This is a good option if you want a rustic feel but don’t want to spend too much money on fixtures or fittings. It can be easy to find wood panelling at home improvement stores. Many homeowners choose these panels because they can create an authentic feel without requiring too much maintenance. Panels will usually last 20 years or more before needing replacing again; all you need is some quality paint every few years.

19. Marble Countertops

Elegant Stylish Bathroom With Glass Shower, Marble Counters

If you’re looking for an exceptionally unique and stylish way to bring interest to your bathroom, marble countertops are an excellent option. These types of countertops bring beauty to interiors. It is vital to consider some factors before purchasing marble, however. This material requires quite a bit of upkeep because it is highly porous. Although it comes with its challenges, marble can give a bathroom a touch of class and elegance that will impress anyone who steps inside!

20. The Rolltop Bathtub

luxury bathroom with large freestanding bath with curved ends and bronze mixer tap

A rolltop bathtub can add a nostalgic touch to your vintage bathroom. These antique bathtubs often have ornate designs, fitting right in with other vintage decors. The classic victorian rolltop bathtub can be pretty heavy, but there are plenty of modern alternatives that keep the design feel whilst being easier to install.


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