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Crafty Mom’s Mud Kitchen (With Water!) Hack Delights Little Chefs

Trine, the genius behind this project, has whipped up a fantastic way to keep your little ones entertained outdoors. It’s an IKEA hack that’ll have them stirring up mud pies and sizzling imaginary steaks in no time – an outdoor mud kitchen! “I built an outdoor play kitchen for our little girls,” explains Trine. “It […]

Bold, Pre-Cut, and Ready to Hack: IKEA’s TYG Fabric Line Drops Soon

IKEA has just announced an exciting new launch that will delight crafters and IKEA hackers who like to sew. The TYG collection, featuring 20 vibrant fabric patterns, will hit select IKEA stores in July 2024. TYG (Swedish for “fabric”) features 20 bold patterns created by 13 diverse designers, each pre-cut into convenient 3-meter lengths. These […]

Hide Your Yard’s Biggest Eyesore with This Clever Trick

One of the most annoying aspects of gardening, for me at least, is the garden hose. It’s often unwieldy, impossible to reel back neatly, and often ends up a tangled, unsightly mess under the tap. Yulema González’s clever IKEA TRONES hack seems to put an end to this. On her Instagram channel, @yule_home_deco, she transforms […]

How a $45 IKEA Shelf Became My Small (But Cute) Kitchen Island

We may not all have Instagram-worthy kitchens with their sprawling islands, but a kitchen island need not remain a pipe dream, even for a small kitchen. Again, IKEA’s trusty KALLAX shelving unit comes to the rescue. The humble cube organizer is one of the best furniture pieces for a small kitchen island. Zaga shows us […]

Flip, Sip, Repeat: The Upside Down IKEA Hack That Created the Perfect Coffee Nook

Looking to create a charming coffee bar in a small space? Take inspiration from this clever IKEA hack by Lexie Zhu or more popularly known by her Instagram handle @mengmengliving. With a few simple modifications, she transformed a plain and super affordable BAGGEBO cabinet into a cute coffee cabinet that has all the right Cafecore […]

I Asked Interior Experts About My Small Balcony—Their Tips Are Game-Changing

I have a small balcony that is 4.5’ x 7’ off my primary bedroom, and for the longest time, I just couldn’t figure out what to do with it. The size was one issue, but the two pillars right in the middle of the space made it even more challenging to arrange furniture and make […]

IKEA Got Talent? IKEA’s First Global Talent Show Crowns Winner

Move over, Swedish meatballs! There’s a new star at IKEA, and he’s not made of particleboard. In a plot twist that would make even the most complicated assembly instructions jealous, IKEA has crowned the winner of its first-ever global talent show. Thomas Penninger, an Austrian employee who usually spends his days mastering the art of […]