Woodworking Online Course by Tyler Shaheen: Create Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Unleash Your Creativity: Master Woodworking Skills with Tyler Shaheen’s Online Course. Step into the world of woodworking with Tyler Shaheen, a seasoned furniture designer and maker, as your guide. In his captivating online course, Tyler invites you on a journey to explore the art of crafting exquisite wooden furniture from scratch. More than just a […]

Embark on a Journey with Giulia Candussi’s Beginner’s Photography Course

Introducing the gateway to unlocking your inner photographer extraordinaire – Giulia Candussi’s Beginner’s Photography Online Course. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey where your digital camera transforms from a mere device into a powerful tool for storytelling and expression. In the world of photography, two pillars stand tall: passion and proficiency. Renowned photojournalist […]

F. C. Variable: Rob en Robin create customisable illustrations inspired by variable fonts

The worlds of illustration and variable fonts collide in a new project from creative duo Rob en Robin titled F. C. Variable. In it, the pair explore how users can manipulate exported images to create customisable results. Variable fonts have shaken up the world of typography by making it easier for designers to create custom […]