The ‘Longlegs’ cast on Nic Cage’s terrifying transformation

Blair Underwood, Maika Monroe, Alicia Witt and Oz Perkins reveal what it is like working with Nic Cage as he undergoes a full physical transformation in ‘Longlegs’. ©

Harmonious lighting in the home: creating balance and reducing stress

Lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the mood of your living space. It not only illuminates our homes but also affects our emotions and wellbeing. Harmonizing your home’s lighting can create a balanced atmosphere that enhances both decor and functionality. The importance of balanced lighting The right balance of light can transform any room into a cozy […]

Sabrina Carpenter brought milkshakes to ‘Hot Ones,’ but it still didn’t save her

“Espresso” singer Sabrina Carpenter appeared on “Hot Ones” with host Sean Evans, talking about writing lyrics and the Beatles. ©