Mac Mini enthusiasts have long sought innovative, cost-effective solutions to elevate and showcase their compact computing marvels. Enter the world of Mac Mini stand IKEA hacks, where creativity meets practicality to transform everyday IKEA items into functional — dare we say, stylish — stands for the Mac Mini.

From repurposed napkin holders to drawer organizer systems, these clever hacks demonstrate the possibilities for enhancing the Mac Mini setup using IKEA products. These DIY versions are also more affordable than regular laptop stands.

Let’s dive into these fun solutions for the Mac Mini.

Adjustable Mac Mini Stand

Mac Mini stand ideas with IKEA
Photo Credit: Jonathan Ives

Jonathan shares a brilliant and straightforward IKEA hack that Mac Mini users will find helpful. He ingeniously repurposed the IKEA UPPDATERA pegboard drawer organizer to create a practical stand for his Mac Mini.

You only need the UPPDATERA pegboard and three pegs to hold up each Mac Mini. The best thing about this Mac Mini stand is its adjustability. The pegs can be removed and readjusted if you add more devices or want a different configuration to suit your space.

UPPDATERA drawer organizer
Photo Credit: Jonathan Ives

The UPPDATERA pegboard comes in 4 sections. Jonathan used one section of the pegboard to hold a row of 3 Mac Minis.

Building on this idea, you could also use more sections of the pegboard to prop up a Macbook and make a charging station for all your devices.

Mac Mini and Apple Airport Extreme Base Station Stands

Mac Mini stand ideas with IKEA
Photo Credit: BrotherJames

Brother James shared an innovative hack that will surely pique the interest of tech enthusiasts. While acknowledging that the IKEA hack is not entirely new, Brother James highlighted its versatility and practicality.

The original idea was conceived by Chad, who repurposed an IKEA FANTASTISK napkin holder as a stand for his MacBook Air. Building on this concept, Brother James discovered that the same hack could vertically prop up a Mac Mini and an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station.

One of the most notable benefits of this hack is the improved cooling performance for the devices, notably the Apple Airport Extreme Base Station. By exposing the bottom of the device, it now operates at a significantly lower temperature compared to its standard horizontal position.

This simple yet effective modification has eliminated the need for a costly Mac Mini stand, as he found that the repurposed napkin holder served the purpose well. Not only does it enhance the cooling efficiency, but it also adds an aesthetic appeal to the setup.

Mac Mini stand ideas with IKEA
Photo Credit: BrotherJames

“The only real modification I made to the napkin holder was to add vinyl bumpers to keep the flat surface of the FANTASTISK away from the devices to allow more airflow,” he explains.

The overall result has been highly satisfactory, offering better ventilation and saving valuable desk space.

He liked this quick and easy hack so much that he extended this solution to his setup, acquiring two more napkin holders for his Mac Mini and Apple Airport Extreme Base Station at home, now installed in his office.

IKEA GREJA Mac Mini Stand

Mac Mini stand ideas with napkin holder
Photo Credit: syslog1

Over at Reddit, user syslog1 shares his version of the IKEA napkin holder hack. He repurposes the GREJA napkin holder as a Mac Mini Stand. The GREJA works like a clamp to hold the Mac Mini up. Simple and effective.

Unfortunately, the GREJA is no longer available in some markets. Other IKEA napkin holders may do the trick. So keep a lookout for them.

SKÅDIS pegboard Mac Mini holder

skadis pegboard mount for mac mini
Photo Credit: CDoucet

You’re in for a treat if you have the SKÅDIS pegboard above your desk. CDoucet has designed a 3D-printed Mac Mini holder to integrate seamlessly with the IKEA pegboard, providing a secure perch for your Mini machine. Don’t have access to a 3D printer? Not to worry – you can send the design to a local 3D printing lab to have it brought to life.

Mac Mini Media Center

Mac Mini media center
Photo Credit: Michael Manthey

Michael Manthey, from Germany, shares a creative DIY project using the BEKVÄM Kitchen Cart and Multiplex-Board Birch to create a versatile media station. By repurposing the BEKVÄM Cart and making strategic modifications, Michael transformed it into a mobile media station for his living room.

He says, “I threw away my TV set in 1999. But I still want to connect online (Zoom, Netflix) – without putting up a fixed media installation in my living room.”

Powering the media center is a Mac Mini hooked to a monitor. Michael positioned the media station low to suit his viewing angle from the sofa.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Gather the materials: IKEA BEKVÄM Kitchen Cart, Multiplex-Board Birch, Caster wheels (2x), and screw-in threads (4x).

Step 2: Prepare the BEKVÄM Cart

Remove the legs from the BEKVÄM Cart and cut to the required height using a saw. If you don’t have the tools, bring them to your local hardware store to get them cut.

Step 3: Customize Shelves

Have two shelves cut according to your measurements, one for the keyboard tray and one for the bottom shelf.

Step 4: Mount the Casters

drill hole for caster wheel
Photo Credit: Michael Manthey

For each of the four legs, drill a hole in the center with a 15mm Forstner-Drill to the exact depth of the screw-in thread. Then, deepen the holes further with an 8mm wood drill to hold the screw of the caster. Use a big screw with two lock-nuts to secure the thread into the hole. Mount the casters to complete the fuselage.

Step 5: Prepare the Bottom Shelf

bottom shelf
Photo Credit: Michael Manthey

Remove the ledges from the bottom shelf, keep two of them, and place the prepared multiplex shelf, cut to fit around the legs. Drill holes for cables and fix the shelf with double-sided tape or screws.

Step 6: Add Rails for the Tray

Take the two leftover ledges and screw them to each side to hold the rails for the tray.

Step 7: Sand the Countertop

Photo Credit: Michael Manthey

Sand the countertop to the finest grain (1000 grit sandpaper) to achieve a shiny surface without varnish. Drill a hole for various cables and mount handles for convenience.

Step 8: Customize the Middle Shelf

Remove as many ledges as possible from the middle shelf, leaving three to support the Mac Mini and provide proper airflow. Add a small shelf for the mouse.

Step 9: Fill and Enjoy

mobile Mac Mini media center
Photo Credit: Michael Manthey

Now, fill the cart with your devices and enjoy your customized Mac Mini media station.

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