Year on year, I’m glad to see IKEA introducing more and more Chinese New Year decorations and tableware. I personally love the Lunar New Year range from IKEA as it is not overly traditional. I’d say it’s Chinese with a modern Scandi flair.

This year the FÖSSTA collection is the brainchild of designers Jennifer Idrizi, Zhelin Lian and Willy Chong. The collection is all you would need to prepare your home for Chinese New Year, complete with festive decorations, storage containers, bowls, trays and textiles.

The inspiration for the FÖSSTA heralds back to China’s cultural roots. The beautiful pieces are influenced by art of the Tang Dynasty with plum blossom prints in traditional ink and brush painting technique. And of course, an abundance of bunny designs to usher in the Year of the Rabbit.

Here are my favorites from the 2023 IKEA Chinese New Year collection. If you’ve been too busy to get your home ready for the celebration, it’s still not too late to pop into IKEA and load these into your cart. Chinese New Year starts on January 22 this year and lasts for 15 days.

1. FÖSSTA serving container with lid

Serving guests who come to “bài nián”, meaning a New Year Visit, is one of the most enjoyable Chinese New Year traditions. Every home will usually have an assortment of cookies, sweets and nuts to serve guests. The FÖSSTA serving container with its compartments makes it easy to serve an array of delights in style.

2. FÖSSTA Chinese New Year dinner table setting

IKEA FÖSSTA table setting
FÖSSTA bowl |

Family coming home from all over, gathering for “tuan nien fan” , the Reunion Dinner on Chinese New Year’s Eve is of utmost importance. If you have to pick one day in a whole year to come home for dinner, this is it. Traditionally, generations of family members will gather round tables to tuck into home cooked food. Over the years this may have changed somewhat — with families gathering in restaurants instead. And just two years ago we even resorted to Zoom Reunion Dinners.

Nevertheless if you’re hosting a Chinese New Year dinner, IKEA has the perfect table setting planned for you. I like the subtle plum blossom designs embossed into the FÖSSTA bowls. And the bowls are in a delicate jade-green glaze, complementing all the strong red hues expected on Chinese New Year decorations.

3. FÖSSTA bunny cushion

IKEA FÖSSTA Chinese New Year Decoration - rabbit cushion
FÖSSTA cushion |

The FÖSSTA cushion in a shape of a bunny is the cutest thing. Round, with incredibly soft faux fur and adorable floppy ears — it’s ready to hop into our homes. It’s a cushion that looks right in its place not only during Chinese New Year but all year round.

4. FÖSSTA vase

FÖSSTA vase |

The FÖSSTA vase is a rather unexpected item in the entire collection. Departing from the red and jade, this vase is a deep inky blue in the shape of a voluptuous Ming vase. Arrange a few stalks of lucky bamboo and you’re set. It’s a beautiful ceramic vase that can be used all year round and I can see it work in any home.

5. FÖSSTA LED lantern

IKEA FÖSSTA Chinese New Year Decoration - LED lantern
FÖSSTA LED lantern |

Hanging red lanterns in front of the door is believed to bring good luck. So, why not? The battery operated FÖSSTA LED lantern is easy to hang up and fold away to store after use. What I love about it is the built-in timer. It automatically turns on the light at the same time every day and then makes it shine for 6 hours. Nice addition to an otherwise very common Chinese New Year lantern decoration.

And with that I wish all my Chinese friends “Gong Xi Fa Cai” and a happy new year.

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