Nestled amidst the dramatic cliffs of Lagos, Portugal, lies a marvel of sustainable design and architectural ingenuity – the Hidden House by Kerimov Architects. This 800-square-meter masterpiece seamlessly integrates into the landscape, blurring the lines between nature and the built environment. Its very existence is a testament to respecting the natural beauty while creating a luxurious living space.

Hidden House in Portugal by Kerimov Architects
Hidden House in Portugal by Kerimov Architects

Camouflaged Grandeur:

The project’s guiding principle was invisibility. Local regulations demanded minimal impact on the cliffside visible from the town. Kerimov Architects responded with a stroke of brilliance. From the road, the house appears as a single-story structure, blending effortlessly with the surrounding rocks. Approaching from the ocean, however, the true scale and grandeur unfold. Following the topography, the clever arrangement of volumes creates a natural elevation difference, with terraces mimicking the landscape’s flow.

Light and Views for All:

Despite its hidden nature, the house prioritizes natural light and connection with the surroundings. Each level boasts panoramic views and ample sunlight, achieved through the strategic placement of windows and an atrium at the heart of the design. The laconic, concrete and metal volumes further contribute to the harmonious integration, their sandy hues echoing the natural rock formations.

A World of Water:

Two stunning pools add to the home’s allure. A glass-bottomed swimming path juts out towards the ocean, offering breathtaking vistas. On the lower level, nestled against the cliff, lies a larger pool, providing a serene escape.

Sustainable Sanctuary:

Sustainability is woven into the very fabric of the house. Solar panels harness the sun’s energy, while rainwater collection systems minimize reliance on external resources. Swiveling window louvers regulate heat gain, ensuring year-round comfort. The rocky terrain presented a challenge for laying traditional utilities, but the architects turned it into an opportunity, creating an innovative water harvesting system.

Hidden Gems:

Beyond its eco-conscious features, the Hidden House offers unique experiences. A bridge leads to the entrance, while a hidden staircase with a cascading waterfall reveals an inner courtyard on the lower level. The staff building, with its rooftop garden, provides a haven for relaxation and observation.

A Masterclass in Integration:

The Hidden House is more than just a luxurious residence; it’s a testament to the power of design to co-exist with nature. The team of Kerimov Architects created a truly remarkable masterpiece by prioritizing invisibility, sustainability, and connection to the environment. This cliffside chameleon is a beacon of innovation, inspiring future projects to embrace harmony with the natural world.

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