Dsc01234The effortlessly epic Ornament Facade abinet and light sculpture.


Jordan Artisan Contemporary Sculptures Ornament Square Stair Stool Yellowtrace 11With matching Square Stair stool.


Dsc01254A look at the softness and organic shapes up close.


In Jordan Artisan‘s world, Roman aesthetics intertwine with contemporary decay. The Dutch artist and designer’s extraordinary functional sculptures reimagine the possibilities of overlooked construction materials.

Inspired by his hometown’s ancient history (Nijmegen, the oldest town in the Netherlands and a former Roman settlement) and his personal fascination with construction sites, Artisan’s creations embody elegance, organic shapes, and softness.

He is drawn to basic construction materials such as rebar, EPS and tile adhesive. Rebar in particular is Jordan’s go-to material, a predisposition inspired by his father, an architectural draftsman and their visits to many construction sites together. The materials he uses normally depict despair, made to be hidden underneath the floor, within a wall or behind a tile but Jordan brings them to the forefront in his work.


Jordan Artisan Contemporary Sculptures Ornament Console Reconstruction Vase And Model Inass Yellowtrace 06The Ornament Console Reconstruction Vase with model Inass.


Dsc01047The Ornament console and Square Stair stool.


Jordan Artisan Contemporary Sculptures Ornament Fauteuil Lounge Chair Yellowtrace 12Ornament Fauteuil Lounge Chair.


Dsc01237Ornament Facade cabinet light sculpture up close.


“Because of my earlier education as a Carpenter, and building engineering, I feel comfortable with the materials. With them I have found a way to create organic movement, softness and aesthetics,” Jordan elaborates. “This makes it possible to express my feelings using these raw materials…a piece of EPS [for example] is for a lot of people a throwaway item, for me it is the start of a new sculpture.”

After experimenting with materials, he often finds an innovative way of evolving them into a new aesthetic. With rebar, for example, he works with repetitive motions; cutting, welding, sanding and spraying. After laying hands on hundreds of pieces, it becomes Design or Art, depending on the level of functionality.


Jordan Artisan Contemporary Sculptures Portrait Yelowtrace 01Jordan alongside his work at home in his studio.


Dsc01125Portrait of artist with vase.

Dsc01188The reconstruction vase.


Jordan presented an exceptional show at Rossana Orlandi Gallery for the RoCollectible exhibition at Milan Design Week 2023. He created extraordinary contemporary functional sculptures especially for the show, including the unearthly Façade cabinet and light sculpture, Ornament Fauteuil/Chaise lounge, Console, Square-stair stool and ReConstruction Vases. With a motto of “turning sharp into round, dark into light, and metal into something more fluid,” Jordan’s pieces leave a lasting impression.


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