Through a sensitive design and expert detailing, the new Prestige Mumbai office is sophisticated and functional and perfectly on brand for this upmarket developer.

Apoorva Shroff is principal at lyth Design as well as a member of the 2024 INDE.Awards jury; her team have completed an elegant office fit-out that brings a new narrative to this workplace for staff and visitors to enjoy.

Located in the expansive business and leisure hub of Godrej BKC in Mumbai, the new Prestige Mumbai office spans some 1022 square metres with every amenity for its workforce.

The interior features exposed brick and cement finishes but these have been artfully finished and enhance the minimal colour palette of timber hues, cream, grey and charcoal. The external meeting rooms, visitor lounges, boardroom and public restrooms are grouped together and distinct from the private office spaces. An open floor plan with immense ceiling height provides largesse and gravitas to reflect the Prestige brand ethos and, with floor-to-ceiling glass facades that face both east and west, there are outstanding views of the surrounding landscape and Mumbai mangroves.

The welcome area is anchored by a timber veneer backdrop and a metal pinstripe form that encircles and becomes the reception desk, while grey marble flooring and greenery create texture. Two wide corridors, one on either side of the reception desk, lead to internal private spaces and visitor lounges respectively. Meanwhile, copper medallions placed on the walls narrate the story of Prestige’s legacy.

As the falcon is the logo of the Prestige Group, the bird has been incorporated into the design of the interior, with meeting rooms identified by various falcon names. For example, the 20-seat boardroom has been named the peregrine boardroom. With matte black fluted wall cladding, a marble table and bronze oval pendant light overhead, the feature of the room is a laser cut image of a falcon affixed to the wall. The room also boasts state-of-the-art technology with switchable smart glazing and acoustic ceiling panels.

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The visitor lounges, however, are softer with curvilinear formed walls, ceiling and furniture details, while the inclusion of timber provides warmth in this more intimate setting.

The main open plan workspace boasts workstations with cabins that line the external exposed brick facade, itself delineated by a green wall. Ample natural light penetrates the interior and the aesthetic is cool and refined.

The tiffin room provides a place to interact with colleagues and the inclusion of a metal island bench alongside the green wall becomes the ideal space in which to relax and connect during the busy working day.

This interior project by lyth Design is elegant yet bold. Encapsulating the Prestige brand perfectly, there is a timelessness about the design that resonates for all who work and visit the office. Shroff has created an interior that is both formal and intimate, soft and hard, warm and cool, a design dichotomy that is unified through her expert direction.

Apoorva Shroff is a member of the 2024 INDE.Awards jury.

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