Fresh graduate from the Film Academy of Baden Württemberg, Germany, Henning Himmelreich shares his short motion design film “After Silence


After Silence addresses the inner process of mental and emotional regeneration of human psyche. To visually represent this process the film uses the imaginary from Egyptian mythology and its concept of the journey into the afterlife in an abstract manner.


The process of self-purification is visualized through both abstract and direct representations of deities and other mythological images, combined with modern graphical elements.


The protagonist is trapped in an uninhabitable world reigned by chaos, which is a visual representation of her own state of mind. As she enters subconsciousness, a mixture of self-reflection and external judgement makes her undergo self-purification. By passing all stages successfully and facing her demons she reaches a state of perfect harmony that purifies the soul.
The world around her changes correspondingly and darkness becomes light.  

@_henninghimmelreichAfter Silence dir. Henning Himmelreich