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there’s no need to get all hung up about your storage dilemmas when the answer is quite literally, right in front of you. i am all about storing some of my signature wares in plain sight, and i even like the look – a lot! what others might consider eyesores, i consider putting just a bit of your personality and personal style on display. i hang all my favorite mesh and rattan shopping totes, for instance, and not only are they at the ready, i think they look rather swell. so if you’re short on storage space, you might consider going vertical, and hanging your favorite bits and bobs right out in front of everyone! there are so many creative looking hooks, pegs and racks of all kinds nowadays, the possibilities are endless — from vintage finds to DIY tree branches, the idea is to keep your options open. here are a few ideas to get you started, and out of the closet!

vintage wire storage rack. / sfgirlbybay

wood storage rack and bench. / sfgirlbybay

clothing line with pretty textiles and dried flowers. / sfgirlbybay

wood wall peg board storage racks. / sfgirlbybay

vintage wall hooks for storage. / sfgirlbybay

mid-century modern wall hooks and vintage tv for shoe storage. / sfgirlbybay

vintage decor and wire wall rack. / sfgirlbybay

white painted bird rack with woven shopping tote bags. / sfgirlbybay

vertical wall storage ideas. / sfgirlbybay

vintage rattan hanging rack. / sfgirlbybay

vertical wall storage ideas. / sfgirlbybay

minimalist metal wall rack. / sfgirlbybay

wood and wire garment wall hooks. / sfgirlbybay

wall hooks for hats and bags. / sfgirlbybay

large wooden wall pegs and hexagon mirror. / sfgirlbybay

wood wall pegs for closet storage. / sfgirlbybay

wood peg wall rack for storage. / sfgirlbybay

minimalist wall pegs for storage. / sfgirlbybay

wood wall rack for storage. / sfgirlbybay
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