ZROBIM architects completed a strong design for the Atrium Business Center Spec Suites in Tbilisi, Georgia.

In the Tbilisi office concept, the main idea was to reflect Georgian color and national characteristics. The accent of the space was the island of reception with a metal finish and blue carpeting around the perimeter. In the interior it was intended to reflect the fact that the office is located in Georgia, but the emphasis is on a modern minimalistic design.

It is also worth noting that it is not just an office, but a complex space that combines several companies and a co-working space. Here you can discuss the details of the project, choose materials on the spot and have a cup of coffee.

The furniture of our brand BY furniture, the showroom of which is part of the office, adds expressiveness to the space.

Design: ZROBIM architects
Design Team: Nadezhda Nesterenko, Merab Mebuke, Alexei Korablev, Andrus Bezdar
Decor: Otkhi Ceramic Factory
Photography: Yaroslav Lukiyanchenko

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