Here’s an infographic from that charts how much your annual auto insurance premium will go up after just one claim:

Auto insurance companies portray themselves as friendly and forgiving in television commercials, but they are less friendly than you might think. After filing just one claim, car insurance premiums increase by an average of 41.81%, according to an annual study by insuranceQuotes and Quadrant Information Services.


I was somewhat surprised at how much the initial premiums and subsequent hikes varied state-by-state. On average, the annual premium is $842, but after a single $2,000+ accident claim, it goes up by $352. The source article also states that you should expect rates to remain high for three to five years, depending on the severity of the claim. Ouch.

I didn’t see similar data about smaller claims like a dented bumper. I keep my collision deductible at $1,000 because I’d rather self-insure below that amount, pocket the premium savings, and avoid any rate hikes if I did make a claim. In general, I always try to only pay for insurance when an incident would cause significant financial difficulty (your number may vary).

Auto Insurance: How Much Will An Accident Claim Increase Your Premium? from My Money Blog.

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