It is perfectly reasonable to have some degree of anxiety surrounding your home. After all, it is your base, your very own space in this world. Unfortunately, damages to your property as a result of criminal activity, fire, or natural disaster can be very expensive indeed. Not only that, but they can be extremely emotionally distressing. Here are some ways you can make your home safer, more secure, and less financially perilous. 

Install CCTV

CCTV systems are getting smaller and more affordable. The newest systems connect directly to your mobile phone, allowing you to monitor your house no matter where you are in the globe. CCTV systems are also available that connect to your doorbell – monitoring any visitors that turn up while you are away.

The mere presence of a CCTV system is usually enough to deter most criminals from trying to break in – the risk of identification is simply too high. 

Check Your Alarms

Alarms are by far the most effective defense against gas leaks or fires. If installed properly, they detect a problem before it gets out of hand, allowing you to protect your home before all is lost. Of course, alarms are more than useless if they don’t work or have run out of battery. Check your alarms are working every month or so. It only takes a few minutes, and it could make the difference between living in a safe home and being forced to abandon a pile of smoldering ash. The Canadian government has published this handy guide to smoke alarm safety. Apply the same principles in this guide to carbon monoxide alarms. 

Get Insured

Purchasing some comprehensive home insurance coverage can take some of the worries out of owning a house. Contents insurance protects the property you keep inside the house, while dwelling insurance covers the structure itself. Being able to claim back money for any damage caused during fires, natural disasters, and burglaries can really take some of the dread out of your life. Shop around for a good deal, but steer clear of price comparison websites – they analyze your search history to create unique (and sometimes absurdly high) prices. 

Install New Locks

If you have just moved into your new home, the chances are high that it will have some pretty feeble locks. Old fashioned lock systems might look hefty, but a skilled burglar can break them with ease.  Most burglars don’t even bother picking old lock systems – they simply jack them open. Installing locks that have a deadbolt can make this much, much harder for a potential invader. 

Keep Your WiFi Network Private

Protecting your home doesn’t just involve securing your physical space. Increasingly, people are stealing from households through the internet, not through the back door. If you keep your WiFi network public, you are inviting all sorts of scam artists and thieves into your business with open arms. Hackers frequently make use of unsecured WiFi to steal passwords and digital identities that can allow them to take your assets away from you. 

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