Allen Architecture Interiors Design (AAID) designed a sophisticated space for Boston Consulting Group‘s offices in Doha, Qatar.

The Design Brief
This project marked the inception of the first Boston Consulting Group office in Doha, a significant milestone for both the company and the design team. Guided by the desire to establish themselves as pioneers within the market, the client sought a workspace that would mirror their trailblazing spirit. Allen Architecture Interiors Design not only understood this aspiration but translated it into an exceptional design that strikes a delicate balance between sophistication and elegance. The requirements from the client was that it should exude a sense of refinement without crossing into opulence, and embody elegance while avoiding formality.

Design Inspiration
The inspiration behind the design narrative draws a compelling parallel between the peninsula and Boston Consulting Group. Just as the peninsula, though connected to the mainland, possesses fluid boundaries surrounded by water, BCG is a trailblazer that leaves an indelible mark on the global stage. This metaphor underpins the entire design philosophy. The innovative use of the chosen floor plate’s architectural nuances replicates the natural enclaves and safe havens along a peninsular coastline. This concept seamlessly translates into the overarching design language of crisp minimalism – a perfect reflection of BCG’s pioneering approach.

Key Design Features
The panoramic vistas of the ocean and the city envelope the workspace, offering breathtaking views from every corner of the floor plan. Soft arches elegantly demarcate zones add architectural flair while evoking a sense of security and comfort. These smooth ceiling elements, resembling the sheltered niches along a peninsula, create an inviting and snug ambiance. The integration of custom-made joinery solutions ensures that the client’s practical needs are met without compromising the design’s aesthetic harmony. A curated collection of verdant plant life breathes life into the space, infusing it with a natural energy. Bespoke pendant lighting and meeting room tables add bespoke touches that marry functionality with elegance. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in every corner, every fixture, and every furnishing, culminating in a workspace that effortlessly aligns with the client’s aspirations.

Materials and Challenges
One of the standout achievements of this project is the artful juxtaposition of raw concrete finishes with crisp white ceilings. This dynamic interplay of textures sets the stage for further contrasts – bespoke broadloom carpets against seamless terrazzo floors, and woven vinyl flooring defining circulation areas. Textures, patterns, and colors are thoughtfully woven into the design through soft finishings, upholstery, and modular carpet tiles. Acoustic paneling, an ingenious addition, not only enhances the office’s auditory ambiance but also introduces vibrant colors and patterns that resonate with the overall design language. The meticulous attention to detail extended to the arches and curved elements. Templating was employed to ensure precise proportions, maintaining the integrity of the design’s visual impact.

Key Takeaway/Experiences
The Boston Consulting Group’s Doha office is more than just a workspace; it’s an experience. The office, with its innovative design, panoramic views, and cozy arches, creates an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and comfort. Every element is meticulously crafted to resonate with the client’s identity and aspirations, making it a space where work and inspiration coexist harmoniously.

Design: Allen Architecture Interiors Design (AAID)
Fit-Out Contractor: One Thousand Walls
Project Manager: JLL
Photography: courtesy of AAID

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