Capral is taking grand strides towards their goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. Breaking industry boundaries, their new environmentally friendly aluminium presents a brand-new opportunity for the carbon conscious consumer. And the best part? LocAL® aluminium is now supplied as standard for all of Capral’s locally manufactured proprietary windows and door systems (with no pricing premium)!

“We feel itis vital to respond to the needs of the Architecture and Design community in their commitment to reducing embodied carbon within the built environment. By making LocAl green standard across all our proprietary window systems, architects can specify systems they are familiar with, with no extra effort and no pricing premium. The outcome is a lower embodied carbon solution for their projects.”

  • Capral National Specification Manager Brendon Orth

This monumental decision will see many Capral ranges produced with a carbon intensity that is 50%-75% lower than the global average for primary aluminium. The primary billet used in LocAL® aluminium is also sourced from ASI-certified smelters, an added assurance that the product has been produced responsibly at all stages. With two lower carbon options on offer, choose between LocAL® Green (with carbon emissions of 8kg Co2e/kg) and LocAL® Super Green (with emissions of 4kg C02e/kg AI).

Aluminium already has a reputation as a sustainable material. Versatile and recyclable, it is one of the most environmentally friendly metals on the market. However, there can be significant disparities in the carbon emissions generated by different smelters throughout the production process.

With LocAL® Green achieving half the average carbon emissions for primary aluminium, and LocAL® Super Green operating at 75% less, the LocAL® range offers fabricators, architects, developers and builders access to premium low-carbon aluminium products at affordable prices. Both LocAL® Green and LocAL® Super Green products have the certifications needed to promote transparency and responsible practice. For more information about LocAL®, visit Capral Aluminium today.

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