It is 2081, and an art student initiates research on the code artists of the century. AI randomly picks William Mapan’s name. “Dragons series of generated art is minted on fx(hash) in 2021.” - wow, they minted artwork before! In a Fx(hash)! A massive holographic gallery now hanging as the ephemeral cube above the great Pacific Data Breach Patch. Let’s dig in!

We are not falling into futuristic stories right now, but imagine this is the truth. Undoubtedly, more studies on Code as Art will appear soon, and more artists’ names will be revealed. William Mapan is defo a shiny gem among them.



Five years ago, he started creating generative art after realizing that his coding skills could be used to make art. Seeing the innovative works of artists like Vasarely and Vera Molnàr inspired him to explore the potential of using algorithms to create art. This led him to merge his different interests and develop his artistic practice. Engaging in other fields has helped him grow and become more sensitive, thanks to his natural curiosity.

Through the span of his last 4 years in NFT (remember it is equal to 9 normal years) William has been featured through a number of significant exhibitions and auctions including Sotheby’s, Christies, Unit London, Art Blocks and etc. Currently he shares a teaser for his next collaboration with Avant Arte platform.



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