Camping tools have gone through a serious transformation over the years. So much so that today you can cut down on how much you want to pack and still have all the essentials you will need at the camp. Case in point, the Camfy that is bringing an innovation to the camping knives, scissors, tongs, and a skewer holder to make this trend stronger.

Given what may, knives and scissors are considered two of the most essential tools you must have when you’re on an adventure or a trip to a campsite. Preparing a gourmet meal or sitting by the barbeque at the beach are part of every outdoorsy must but if you are not carrying the right gear, you are left wondering when the moment of truth arrives.

Designer: Subin Kim

That said, it’s not the selection of the right tools, in fact, the correct tools you are carrying should be safe and useful. If the knife for instance is not securely kept in the sheath it can cause serious injury when pulling out of the camping kit. Camfy has pulled out a unique knife from its repertoire to give campers a meaningful tool.

The camping knife is designed to retract back into its sheath immediately after use. A combination of a small knife and saw, this cleverly thought knife is created to prevent accidental incidents that can happen when the knife is not kept in the sheath after its use. It has an interesting spring mechanism triggered by a button. On the press of a button, the knife would spring back into the handle, which is also a sheath.

The compact and useful tool next in the Camfy design league is the scissor and tong unification. The wonderful idea marries the scissor with the tong at the end of the blade that can grip food, so it can be used in unison for cutting and grilling meat and other food.

The most enticing here on the list of tools is the skewer holder to facilitate grilling. Designed after the clothes pin, this brushed metal item has little holes in the top to hold the skewers over the fire to grill. Camfy has almost all the things you need on hand to create gourmet outdoor meals, but if there is anything else, we are sure the designer can rethink convenience and safety for the same.

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