INFINITY DESIGN & ENGINEERING implemented the design of Cytiva’s offices located in Shanghai, China.

Cytiva is a global pioneer in the life sciences, which supply researchers, academia, and biopharma with the tools and services they need to work better, faster, and safer, leading to better patient outcomes.

Cytiva’s Shanghai office is located in Pudong New Area,Shanghai.The new office space inspires employees to be passionate and dedicated to their careers and confident in meeting the challenges of the future.

Most of the workstations on the ground floor are Hot Desks, which are able to meet the flexible working needs of employees, both for both internal employees in the Shanghai office and those on business trips.

The Dyna2 lift table and Seda ergonomic chair are used here, Dyna2 can be lifted and lowered flexibly, so employees who prefer to work in a standing or sitting position can find their comfort in the office.The lumbar support, headrest, armrests and seat depth of the Seda ergonomic chair can be adjusted to suit employees of different heights and weights.

Some employees need a relatively independent and suitable for concentration working environment, therefore, in the office, there is also a set of high screen lift desk.

In the office on the second floor, employees need to have frequent phone calls or online meetings with internal and external personnel, so small phone booths and Nobius (Silent Room) were planned in the aisles next to the workstations as well as between the workstations. Not only does it allow employees to quickly find a private space to communicate on the phone, but it also reduces noise disturbance to surrounding colleagues.

In addition, employees use meeting rooms for long periods of time, sometimes even the whole day, so there are diverse meeting spaces laid out in the office, such as Go-table (Go-Table is a high office desk integrating the functions of meeting and sports)meeting rooms.

Cytiva encourages its employees to trust each other and collaborate positively; it also encourages them to be innovative, which is why Cytiva’s offices are very colourful, unlike those in the traditional biotech industry.Warm shades convey a positive emotional cue to employees and inspire them.

Open collaboration areas are scattered throughout the office, where employees can drop in for a chat or organise a brainstorming session at any time.

For this project, NOVAH provided desks, ergonomic chairs, conference tables and a wide range of collaborative furniture, which perfectly complemented this office and created a new office experience for the employees.

Photography: courtesy of NOVAH

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