Colliers Define struck a balance between warm, modern, and playful at the Emerson offices in Warsaw, Poland.

New Emerson’s office in Warsaw, Poland connects employees from different teams through a transparent layout. Colliers Define was responsible for the concept design and design supervision.

Following the decision to expand its headquarters, the company needed a modern workplace that satisfies the highest aesthetic standards, connects employees and enhances well-being through the incorporation of natural elements. The key objectives of the project were to bring employees out of their offices, adapt the space to a hybrid work model, transition to an open space layout, and blend different people in one area.

The new office had to be tailored to the staff – engineers who work there need large desks because they own a lot of equipment. The challenge was to match the arrangement to the space requirements. The building selection extended one year, so the initially developed design had to be adapted to the new location.

After identifying the spatial needs, the primary design solution was a transparent layout, which combines quiet, green open-space work areas with a variety of places for spontaneous meetings. As the center of the office, we developed a communal kitchen and dining room, where employees can work, have lunch with other co-workers, or drink coffee in peace.

The functional layout is surrounded by an industrial design that refers to the technical nature of the company’s business. The aesthetics are based on the use of calm greys and concrete, which are intertwined with invigorating space branding elements developed by employees. Natural features have also been incorporated, namely greenery and thoughtful access to sunlight, in order to support well-being.

Design: Colliers Define
Project Team: Dorota Osiecka, Grzegorz Rajca, Klaudia Manowska, Eliza Henger, Aleksandra Adamczyk, Katarzyna Radecka
Photography: Adam Grzesik

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