12min app on phone

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to a 12min Premium Plan is on sale for £28.06, saving you 90% on list price.

That old saying, “You learn something new every day,” isn’t always true, especially for those of us juggling work, commuting, hobbies, and precious free time. Though, you may still have an itch to learn and grow. The good news is that you can, and it doesn’t have to take up much time if you have 12min.

Just as this app’s name suggests, you can learn something new in as little as 12 minutes with nonfiction books broken down into micro reads or podcasts. Set a goal to discover something new every day for the rest of your life with a lifetime subscription for £28.06.

With 24 categories and more than 2,500 titles, there’s almost surely something that interests you, whether it’s personal finance, business, history, science and technology, self-growth, or biographies. While 12min does feature popular nonfiction titles summarized into bite-sized pieces, you can also explore original content you won’t find anywhere else.

Since 12min lives right on your iPhone or Android, you can turn any gap of free time into a learning opportunity. You can even download content ahead of time for offline access or sync with your Kindle.

12min’s personalised daily recommendations and challenges might keep you motivated and coming back to learn. You can even take a quiz at the end of each summary to check what you’ve learned if you’re into that school-like experience. 

Uniquely, you can also access 12min text and audio summaries in Spanish and Portuguese. Those who are also on a language-learning journey could grow multiple skills at once.

Truly learn something new every day with lifetime access to 12min for £28.06.