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Every creator has a distinct voice and unique tale in the vast universe of art. Eugenia Shchukina, an artist, has been making waves in the contemporary art scene and garnering attention. An artist of exceptional calibre, Schukina’s work navigates the intricate labyrinth of the human psyche, striking a balance between realism and pop-surrealism.

Exploring the Psyche: The Art of Eugenia Shchukina

Eugenia uses classique techniques to create her captivating art, preferring dry pastels on paper. Her works often find their way into private collections around the world.

At the heart of Schukina’s artistry lies an exploration of the human psyche’s volatility. She explores the potential of reducing fears and illusions by analysing symbols and interpreting various aspects of personality using contemporary artistic perspectives.

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Eugenia’s artwork often features the moth, a representation of our elusive fears and intricate emotions. Her pieces suggest that these aspects, much like the delicate and unpredictable moth, persistently exist within us.

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