Fabian Oefner Disintegrating Art

Fabian Oefner`s work explores the boundaries between time, space and reality. He creates fictional moments and spaces, that look and feel absolutely real, yet aren’t. Through this, Oefner dissects the different components of reality and gives us a clearer understanding of how we perceive and define it.



Inspired by science, Oefner`s approach to art is highly methodical and at the same time playful for unexpected moments to happen. He creates carefully orchestrated works, that are planned down to the last detail as well as pieces, that use a loose framework for art to happen.


In his highly acclaimed “Disintegrating” series, the artist portrays performance cars, that seem to blow apart. He creates these artificial moments in time by photographing every piece of the dismantled car individually and arranges them digitally into one photograph. Spending hundreds of hours on each piece, the photographs become a hyperrealistic rendition of a moment, that never existed.

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