Symmetrics Development Services have successfully designed the Flutter Entertainment offices, a gaming company located in Hyderabad, India.

Flutter Entertainment is a global sports-betting, gaming, and entertainment provider. The design philosophy for their new office at Hyderabad was to create a transformational workspace that would effectively engage its users to enhance productivity.

Symmetrics believes that a workspace design that is flexible, accessible, and agile is a breeding ground for innovation and ideas that occur naturally through conversations and relationships, and Flutter’s office was designed with such an intent.

Vibrant and lively, the agile space was peppered with collaboration and Activity-based workplace seats for team discussions. Every user had a vast choice of the kind of space they could use to work on, be it an open booth, informal lounges, enclosed concentrative work points or standard workstations. The Activity-based workplace clusters were planned in a modular fashion such that these could be easily replaced with different furniture configurations including standard workstations based on future needs with no impact to the existing infrastructure or loss of work time.

The exposed ceiling had been planned with designer acoustic baffles, acoustic foam spray and industrial-style suspended mesh clouds which created an exciting visual and provided the necessary acoustic relief for the open office area.

A walk through this office leaves no doubt to the imagination about the kind of work that Flutter does. With no defined corporate branding guidelines for the workplace, Symmetrics thoughtfully curated the environmental graphics design for the entire space to incorporate elements of gaming and sports with vinyl prints, art, graffiti, and 3D graphics. The artwork was inspired by pop culture adding a young and vibrant feel to the space. The colour scheme of the entire office was designed to complement this thought process.

The floor plan was spread with linear workstations, support spaces, uniquely designed meeting rooms, breakout, and recreation spaces. The Flutter office was designed such that functionality, accessibility, aesthetics, and comfort worked together in harmony. The expandable set of training rooms as well as the cafeteria could both be utilised to hold medium to large-sized gatherings such as all-hands or townhall meetings.

Having factored COVID-19 guidelines into the design through choices that support social distancing and Indoor Air Quality, Flutter’s new office is poised to provide a safe and productive work environment. Flutter’s office was also certified by the USGBC as a LEED Gold project.

Design: Symmetrics Development Services
Photography: courtesy of Symmetrics Development Services

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