i’m often drawn to unique types of framing, and how and where you hang your artwork can sometimes be just as, or even more interesting than, the art itself. for instance, i love a piece of artwork like an old vintage portrait painting hanging unexpectedly in a kitchen. it just comes out of nowhere amongst your modern kitchen gadgets and, therefore, stands out, becoming that much more eye-catching. unique spacing of frames always catches my eye, too — sometimes the more white space between pieces of art, the better (as in above), or sometimes hanging too low or too high can be not just a faux pas but an act of utter brilliance.

i also love unframed art, leaning against a wall, or unusual framing — like the works of artist eli craven, and i’ve often found cool objets d’art in clear lucite shadow boxes — i think there are still vintage bathing suits framed at the ivy at the shore restaurant and i always thought that a really clever idea. a friend once framed her son’s ragged old teddy bear that way, which was also quite charming. but my point is, if you love it, go ahead and break some design rules and frame your artwork any way you like, and hang it wherever you like, too — for you and your world to see. for more ideas on framing and home galleries, visit my pinboard.

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