happy friday, gang. i hope you have some fun plans for the weekend, and if not, you might like to take some time to watch good grief on netflix, a sweet new film from dan levy. if you have seen it, you may have fallen in love with the set design of both his london and paris apartments — ooooh lala. and, you may have been curious about this artist’s wonderful work, which i had to hunt down after watching. this brilliant ceiling paint color is called early spring, and i love the dimension it brings to this room. i stumbled on this very nostalgic thrifting money coin pouch, and had to have it — cute as a keychain. i also have a real crush on these old mineral lithographs repurposed as framed artwork — so cool looking with a vintage modern vibe. you can look for them on etsy. and finally — i am so excited for this new series about writer and gossip fiend truman capote and his high society lady friends coming next week to hulu. have an inspired weekend, everyone! x, v.

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