Liskat, a creative DIY enthusiast, shared her journey of repurposing an IKEA STUVA (now called SMÅSTAD) changing table into a versatile desk with storage.

What started as a changing table for her daughter grew into a multi-functional desk and bookcase, giving this IKEA piece many more years of use.

One fantastic aspect of the STUVA changing table is its versatility, allowing you to lower the top shelf and convert it into a desk once your child is no longer in diapers. You get “two” pieces of furniture in one.

And that’s exactly what Liskat did. However, she found it somewhat lacking upon converting the STUVA changing table to a desk position, which sparked a series of mini hacks to customize it to her daughter’s needs. Here’s what she did:

Materials used:

stuva smastad changing table
Photo Credit:
  • IKEA STUVA/ SMÅSTAD changing table
  • White wood plank + tension rod + LÄTTHET hooks (for hack #1)
  • White wood plank + MOPPE mini chest (for hack #2)
  • White wood plank (for hack #3)

Upcycling the IKEA STUVA/ SMÅSTAD changing table

stuva smastad changing table

I bought a STUVA (now called SMÅSTAD) changing table when my daughter was born. I loved it as it provided a very high, stable, and deep space to keep everything I needed on hand.

Once we no longer needed the changing table, I lowered it to become a desk. However, it suddenly felt almost a little too roomy and deep and not very desk-like.

As I had already customized it by painting the drawers gray (now a standard color, but not sold by IKEA at the time), I was reluctant to trade it in for something else, so I decided to give it another small makeover.

Hack #1: SMÅSTAD changing table to study desk

Repurposing a changing table into a study desk

Initially, all I did was add a narrow shelf at the back of the desk, resting it on the raised sides of the desk. I used a white wooden strip I left over from a previous project and added a white tension rod to keep things from falling off. I also used a couple of LÄTTHET over-the-door hooks to hang stuff off the desk’s side. Time to do this? Approximately 5 minutes.

Hack #2: SMÅSTAD desk with desktop drawers

Add drawers to changing table study desk

After a while, I started wondering how I could make better use of the space under the ledge I had created and decided to add drawers. I found three mini-drawers from the MOPPE chest (two narrow and one wide) were just the right width. The drawers were a smidge too tall, so I had to add very thin wedges (5mm, max) to raise the ledge.

I am glad how they turned out as they are extremely spacious and hide a multitude of junk … er, I mean very important crafts supplies and knick-knacks. The original ledge was too narrow, so I had to get a new one cut to size at the hardware store.

Time to do this? It took approximately 5 minutes to assemble, not including the time to go to IKEA and the hardware store.

Hack #3: SMÅSTAD changing table to a bookcase

Repurposing a changing table into a bookcase

One thing I really liked about the STUVA was how deep it was and how many toys, books, etc. I could fit into it. So, when I started running out of space at the desk, I decided to use another to make a matching bookcase. I searched the classifieds and found one for free (handy since they were giving it away without the changing table /desk bit, which I didn’t need).

I didn’t like leaving the top open as it looked “unfinished” to me. All it took was a measuring tape, a trip to the local hardware store to buy a white shelf and get it cut down to size, some extra strength furniture tape, and hey presto, I had myself matching furniture.

I couldn’t go to IKEA to get extra drawers since I had painted them myself (and who can remember what shade of gray I used!), so I removed two drawers from my original changing table/desk and slotted them into the new STUVA bookcase.

How long did it take? It took 10 minutes to assemble, plus the time it took to collect the second-hand unit and the trip to the hardware store.

Repurposing a changing table for reading and crafting

Repurposing a changing table into a study desk and bookcase

I am very pleased with these small (and very easy!) tweaks that will allow us to extend the life of this furniture and enjoy it for a few more years.

Next on the agenda? Adding doors to hide the top of the bookcase. I’ve already bought the hinges and the most adorable rainbow door pulls … Stay tuned!

~ by Liskat

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