i know last week’s post was a bit heavy, but i’m focusing on feeling grateful. and most of all, i am very thankful for all your kind comments and concern for me — you really lifted me up out of the doldrums. i didn’t mean to make anyone worry for me, i was mostly trying to say that sometimes when life does get me down (and that happens to all of us), it can be challenging to be creative and to brainstorm about what to post — it’s writer’s block of a blogger’s sort. but i was overwhelmed by your kindness, understanding, and friendship. so this thanksgiving, i will be giving thanks for you guys, and i’ve made you a playlist in thanks, and to celebrate the holiday. i’m feeling nostalgic for thanksgivings past, and i wonder if any of this mood board resonates with any of your holiday memories. i’ve also created a thanksgiving gratitude discount for you — 20% off all annual subscriptions, so just $3.33 per month to receive all my posts. i hope you’ll join our community of design lovers here.

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