What does it mean to turn 90? When we launched INDESIGN Magazine 24 years ago in a home garage in Sydney, our vision was to celebrate the very best of architecture and design in Australia. We didn’t stand apart with an ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality, but really immersed ourselves in the design community, living and breathing it as you all do.

INDESIGN 90 is on sale and it’s all about City Futures

INDESIGN is, and always has been, your go-to intelligent, edgy, forward-thinking resource and source of inspiration. We know and understand the architecture and design world like the back of our hand. We’re dynamic, we go deep, we think critically and report widely. We are global in our outlook, but remain grounded in our region.

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INDESIGN Magazine 90th Edition
Boatyard Hotel by GOA and WJ STUDIO, featured in INDESIGN 90, photography by Zhu Hai and Zhang Xi.

And we stand true to those ideals – call it our vocation! For 24 years we’ve been building relationships and networks that hold up the incredible work of Australian architects and designers for the world to appreciate. We celebrate it in what is becoming one of the more rarefied formats of publishing: print.

Where digital is the playground of all, we cultivate INDESIGN Magazine as the stage upon which the most exemplary projects, people, ideas and innovations are acknowledged and documented. Each issue records the most extraordinary designs and practitioners of the time, and together 90 issues of INDESIGN paint a rich and impressive picture of the role of Australian architecture and design through recent history.

INDESIGN Magazine 90th Edition
Mecca Support Centre by Studio Tate, featured in INDESIGN 90, photography by Sharyn Cairns.

We are proud to bring you this 90th edition, The City Futures Issue: bigger than ever and packed with the views, voices and projects that define this complex period in which we grapple with climate change, a massive real estate re-evaluation due to the accelerated hybrid work-life habits of people post COVID-19, and influential forces such as the upcoming Brisbane Olympics, AI, and cultural reconciliation through architecture.

We’re anything but complacent at Indesign Media and the development of the INDE.Awards has seen us extend our reach and focus to encompass the whole Indo-Pacific region. INDE.Awards is a global platform that is devoted to celebrating the best of the region’s architecture and design.

INDESIGN 90 is on sale and it’s all about City Futures
INDE.Awards 2023 VIP Gala event.

This year’s INDE.Awards winners are a masterclass in climate conscious, community driven, aesthetically superior, high-functioning design. What I love most about the INDE.Awards is its ability to capture a cross-section of our large and diverse Indo-Pacific region, actively participating in, while also poignantly narrating, the stories of many cultures, countries and lives. We are immensely proud to award this year’s cohort of Winners and Honourable Mentions – congratulations to all! Catch up on the Gala – a night of nights! – here.

Do you love INDESIGN as much as we do? Connect with us here and on socials, meet us at Saturday Indesign coming to Melbourne on Saturday 2 September – it’s free to register and attend; and for online learning you can register to take part in our CPD Live series with the next program coming up in October.

INDESIGN Magazine 90th Edition
Coburg and Moreland Stations by Wood Marsh, featured in INDESIGN 90, photography by Peter Clarke.

You can purchase INDESIGN Magazine #90, The City Futures Issue online now.

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