Arkadia Works completed the Lawson Indonesia offices with strong brand and product cohesion in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The new Lawson office, meticulously crafted to embody a spirit of innovation and collaboration. Working hand in hand with Lawson, Arkadia Works has reimagined the workspace with a theme centered around being a “Delicious Hub.”

This concept transcends the culinary realm to become a metaphor for the diverse and enriching experiences that Lawson offers to its customers. The office design mirrors the dynamic range of products, from snacks, beverages to everyday needs, creating an environment that stimulates creativity and teamwork. Designers create decorations such as hanging lamps that are inspired by the shape of one of Lawson’s most popular snacks, “Tteokbokki”.

The layout of the office is carefully designed to foster collaboration and embrace the dynamic nature of Lawson’s business. Modern aesthetics blend seamlessly with subtle nods to Lawson’s commitment to quality, creating a workspace that is both functional and inspirational.

From cozy breakout areas reminiscent of Lawson’s inviting spaces to meeting rooms adorned with motifs reflecting the brand’s essence, the “Delicious Hub” is not just an office space; it’s an immersive experience that resonates with Lawson’s dedication to excellence.

Arkadia Works’ attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the office is a testament to Lawson’s commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation. As Lawson Indonesia continues to redefine convenience and customer experience, this new office stands as a symbol of creativity and forward-thinking.

Design: Arkadia Works
Photography: Imaji Raya

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