Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you still don’t have any idea how to spend it with your loved one, don’t worry. There are tons of brands that will be offering you some alternatives aside from the usual dinner, chocolates, and flowers. More and more couples have actually been spending quality time at home (if they choose to celebrate at all) instead of going out so we’re also seeing brands create things for these home buddies. If you live in Singapore and you love Lego, then you’ll be excited about this.

Designer: Lego

If you were expecting that they will create a romantic themed Lego build, then you’re only half right. Brick Date is indeed sweet and will bring you two closer together, but you don’t have to worry about creating an elaborate build. The “date night in a box” contains some things you can use while you’re sipping wine at home on a couch potato kind of date (not necessarily on the 14th of course). In case your partner enjoys receiving physical cards, the box has a romantic greeting card inside along with 23 conversation cards that you can use to bond, whether you’re just new in the relationship or you’ve been together for a long time.

There’s also a heart-shaped lock made from Lego pieces of course that you can use as a symbol of your “unbreakable bond”. You can keep it at home or leave in a place where people put up love locks. Yours will probably stand out since most of the locks there will be normal looking padlocks. The box also has two coasters with heart-shaped Lego bricks so you can place your aforementioned wine glasses or coffee or tea mugs in case that’s your drink of choice.

The Brick Date box itself can also be transformed into a playmat in case you need something to place the cards on. There’s also a sticker sheet inside in case you need something to put in your journal or wall to commemorate your date night. Unfortunately, this is only available as an exclusive gift for those who will purchase SG$199 worth of selected Lego products in Singapore until February 18. When you click on their website though it says the Date Night In A Box is already sold out so we don’t know if they’ll be restocking in time for next week.

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