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TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to an AdGuard Family Plan is on sale for £20.10, saving you 68% on list price.

The average person will see between 4,000 and 10,000 ads a day, every day. That number may sound totally ridiculous, but most of those come from just using the internet. As remarkable as it is that you can just find videos of porcupines eating pumpkins whenever you want, the internet is rife with ads — and it takes some pretty advanced software to block most of them. 

AdGuard helps you control what you see online, and the AdGuard Family Plan does even more than help you bring your daily ad quota down. If you want to start blocking ads on multiple devices, protecting your network, and managing what kind of content your devices can access, then get a lifetime subscription to the AdGuard Family Plan for only £20.10.

AdGuard’s Family Plan offers three services. First, you get a remarkably thorough ad blocker that should take care of all those annoying website banners, pop-ups, and video ads. You might be surprised how fast you can get through a YouTube playlist when you aren’t stopping for multiple unskippable ads between every video. And if AdGuard does miss an ad, it gives you the tools to block it manually. 

Ads are annoying, but malware and phishing websites can do a lot worse than waste your time. Cybersecurity threats may have grown more common, but the tools to prevent them have also gotten better. AdGuard helps protect your nine connected devices from malware, phishing, and trackers online. You can even see who exactly is trying to track you from your AdGuard app. 

If your kids are going to go online, you can use your AdGuard subscription to help keep them safe while they browse. Set up custom filters that restrict access to inappropriate and adult content. Whether your kids are going online for school or for fun, you can decide what they see with a flip of a switch in your AdGuard app. 

Browse without ads, trackers, or worrying about what your kids will encounter online. Get a lifetime AdGuard Family Plan on sale for £20.10.