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beverly hills avalon hotel’s viviane bar; L.A. sign via yeah rentals; silver lake’s l & e oyster bar; wiltern theatre.

’tis the time for rushing around. for errand-running, for traffic, for parties all the way across town — for days we wished we had a magic wand to whisk us around. and that’s the beauty of Uber. i use Uber for all of the aforementioned reasons and because it keeps me feeling sane and way less stressed about getting around the city. i feel like Uber was a game-changer for the city of los angeles or for any city that’s so spread out, or tricky to navigate. when i lived in L.A. twenty years ago there was no Uber and getting around was so difficult and expensive by cab — it was actually one of the reason’s i moved away. it was hard to see friends on the west side for an evening out if you lived on the east side — so you just didn’t see them. now, you can jump in an UberX or share one with friends and split a ride for very little money and it’s made city living much more accessible and easy to navigate. With 24/7 availability, request a ride from your phone on their app any time of day, any day of the year and you’re good to go.

ubering around los angeles / sfgirlbybay

l.a. freeways; chinatown; cafe birdie highland park; hollywood sign;esqueleto in echo park; ace hotel DTLA.

ubering to cafe birdie in los angeles. / sfgirlbybay

cafe birdie in highland park.

specialty cocktails in los angeles. / sfgirlbybay

it’s also made the holiday season much more pleasant and stress-free. i’m not really a big mall shopper — i like to shop small and independent stores all around the city, from highland park to hollywood to all the way to venice and downtown, too. so it’s a lot easier to take an UberX around for an afternoon of shopping than to drive all around and worry about parking (and paying for it!). i always use Uber for dinners and drinks with friends and getting around the holiday party circuit — seems like there’s always a few parties happening on the same night, so it’s much easier, responsible and safer to take Uber when you’re going to be imbibing in a bit of holiday cheer.

ubering to holiday parties in los angeles. / sfgirlbybay

the fig house in highland park (above); LAX; ace hotel DTLA; apolis global; esqueleto in echo park;; silver lake’s l & e oyster bar; view from the ace hotel (below).

los angeles landmarks and specialty stores. / sfgirlbybay

then there’s the easy travel aspect of the using Uber — getting to and from the airport, and picking up friends and loved ones. i’m sorry, even if i love you dearly i don’t want to challenge myself with a ride to LAX so i’d much prefer sending an Uber to pick you up. easy-peasy and everybody’s much happier. i also send Uber to pick up my mom for visits with me. she doesn’t love to drive the freeways these days so i send an UberX to pick her up and she loves chatting up the drivers to find out what they’re all about. by the time she gets to my house, she’s made a new friend in the world! so make life a little easier on yourself and use the Uber app to get around safely and sanely.

ubering to L.A. Juice. / sfgirlbybay

L.A. Juice shop.

• photography by lily glass and victoria smith for sfgirlbybay; LA sign by yeah rentals.

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